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We have a completely new and upgraded web site concentrating on Bali Style Prefabricated (Prefab) Wooden Hardwood Houses only. This new  web site features over 90 Prefab Bali Style Home models and a lot of new information, technical issues, designs, a bi-weekly updated price list for all of our models, a special features page which will answer all of your questions about (Bali) Prefab Houses and much more detailed information.



Who are we.......

P.T. Bali World Trading Co (our old name) was established in 1998 and started with the export of wooden handmade products made in Bali. Since 2002 this has changed drastically. Due to the world wide demand of reasonably priced prefabricated houses we decided to focus on this market and started designing Bali style villas, bungalows and cottages. Meanwhile we changed our name into Bali Prefab World. 

Being the first company in Bali producing these engineered and prefabricated houses on a large scale, we grew fast. Since 2003 we have designed and/or exported houses to Hawaii, the US Virgin Islands, Turkey, Fiji islands, Tonga, South Africa, Panama, Australia,....and the end is not in sight.








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   Contact Information

You may contact us on one of the contact numbers or the address shown below should you require any further information.        

Telephone + 62 361 460181

+ 62 812 39 29 875 



+ 62 361 460181

baliwoodworld (chat only)

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Bali Woodworld.

BR. Sigaran
Abiansemal - Badung
Jl. Kambodja No. 26
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