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Prefab Bali houses and prefabricated Bali cottages come in easy to build do-it-yourself kit packages, ranging from 25 m2 to 500 m2 (275 sqft up to 5,330 sqft). We also supply custom made units to an unlimited square area. 

The prefab Bali house is highlighted by the characteristic roof shape and the open inside roof structure (no ceiling).  

Our prefab Bali houses are made from top class tropical hardwood obtained from the lush forests and sustainably managed hardwood plantations in Indonesia overseen by the Indonesian Government. Our prices include a retribution fee for the Indonesian reforestation program.

Not one nail is used in our prefab structures. All connections are either bolted (galvanized or stainless), or fixed with copper or brass screws. Very easy to assemble.

All floor boards, wall boards, doors, and windows, including all parts not hidden to the eye are kiln dried to maximum 15% moisture content. To learn more about the kiln drying process click  kiln drying   

To learn more about Hardwood click Prefab Bali houses

The rapid modular building system does not require building experience to assemble the modules. Framework and wall panels are easily installed with few manpower.

CAUTION: A number of countries do not allow fresh alang-alang (new seeding alang-alang grass) enter the country. We only use non-seeding alang-alang (minimum 6 months dried), while this old non-seeding grass is thoroughly fumigated with Ethylene Oxide and/or Ethylene Bromide prior to shipment, a strict requirement in many countries.  

Click Thatched roofs to learn more about it.


Architectural & structural drawings will be prepared with our AutoCad system and drawings submitted with the shipment of your order.


Some Counties in Hawaii require static engineering calculations (at least for a 2-storey house) and rubber stamped drawings.


Our engineers can prepare any such structural calculation since they are familiar with the USA codes and standards such as IBC 2006, ASTM, ACI, etc. Our structural calculations, if so required, are prepared with STAAD-III-PRO, world's most widely used structural engineering and design software. Earthquake and hurricane forces are dealt with in the design.

We have established a joint operation with a Honolulu based engineering company who will rubber stamp the architectural drawings and the engineering drawings ready for submission to the island County.

Drawings prepared in AutoCad
Our STAAD-III-PRO computer program

Choices can be made for the roof in either fired and glazed roof tiles, thatched roof (dried alang-alang grass), or Iron wood shingles.


If you wish to order a tailor-made house we will prepare simple conceptual drawings, based on your concept. For obvious reasons, however,  these drawings do not show dimensions but show a general floor plan and one or more elevations.    

We supply a full set of detailed architectural and structural drawings required for the building licenses, assembly process and for contractor's use, inclusive of electrical, water distribution and sewer line drawings free of charge, provided the order has materialized.

We can help and advise you on foundation issues.     

Some examples of detailed drawings


If you are looking for a design only, we can help you. Our architects can work on your concept or we design from scrap for a very reasonable fee. Architectural drawings, structural design drawings, detailed and working drawings, etc. will be submitted ready for use.


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Fully integrated Bali style roof structures, prefabricated in our factory. Either designed by us or tailor made following your concept. No nails used. All connections are bolted. Easy to assemble.  


3-D design


Typical Joglo roof (East Java)



      Click on thumbnails for enlargements





Smallest unit 110 m2 + 15 m2 veranda  

Largest unit 200 m2 + 50 m2 veranda


Living room, bedroom(s), bathroom(s), elevated kitchen, open Bali ceiling, Bali style thatched roof or shingle roof and veranda. Interior design is flexible and can be tailored to fit client's wishes

Only available in Bangkirai





  The variable prefab house. Available from 75 m2 to 300 m2 (on each floor)




Click on thumbnails for picture enlargement



Ground floor 6 X 6 meter (400 sqft), 1/2 second floor + vide  6 x 3 meter (200 sqft). Ground floor: Living + bedroom. 2nd floor: loft (vide). Iron wood shingle roof.



  BALINESE TEAHOUSE 3 x 3 meter (10 ft X 10 ft)  

Bankirai hardwood with Iron wood shingle roof.

Full glass sliding doors + sliding anti mosquito screen doors






Modified rice barn Side view Bedroom ground floor Bedroom 1st floor


In many sizes available



Down stairs : living + bathroom (optional)

Upstairs: bedroom


Ground floor (living + bathroom)

2nd floor (bedroom)





Click on thumbnail for picture enlargement

Minimum size is 5 x 3.5 meter (16.5 ft x 11.5 ft) ground floor area if bathroom needs to be included 

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Down stairs living (22 m2) with veranda 9.5 m2 (bathroom optional). 

Upstairs bedroom (18 m2) with balcony 8 m2.

Also available in smaller sizes. Full Bankirai wood. Thatched roof

NOTE: All Jineng types need to be reinforced for areas where hurricanes may occur




TYPE TULIP, 3 X 6 m + 3 m2 veranda

Full Bangkirai wood. Shingle roof from Iron wood



  36 m2

  mail to  for  prices

Bangkirai Hardwood sandwich panel walls (25-50-25 mm)

Bangkirai hardwood flooring 25 mm thick

Possibility for placing solar panels

Louvered windows (adjustable) from Merbau hardwood

Iron wood shingle roof



C01 C02 C03 C04
C05 C06 C07 C08

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Examples of our craftsmanship






Front view


Side view
Plan Living, bedroom, bathroom, open kitchen, veranda, sliding doors with safety glass. Open space on ground floor can be utilized for garage.

Roof from Iron wood shingles.

Also available as a full ground floor model (without columns).   





TYPE MAWAR, 21 m2   



Front view


Plan view
Cross section Living/bedroom, bathroom, 1 Bali style front door, 2 Bali style front windows, 2 sets double French windows, louver door to toilet. 




TYPE MAWAR plus, 21 m2 + 13 m2 porch  


Front view Plan view
Cross section

Living/bedroom, bathroom, open porch, 1 Bali style front door, 2 Bali style front windows, 2 sets double French windows, louver door to toilet.







Front view Plan view
Cross section

Living/bedroom, bathroom, kitchenette, 1 Bali style front door, 2 Bali style front windows, 2 sets double French windows, 2 sets single French windows, louver door to toilet.

alternative   with sliding doors and thatched roof


  front view





TYPE EXTENDED ANGGREK, 36 m2 + 16 m2 Veranda 




Right side elevation


Front elevation

Click on thumbnails for picture enlargement


TYPE SANDAT, 72 m2 + 16 m2 porch 


  "B" Living, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 kitchenettes, 1 Bali style front door (A) or sliding door (B), Bali style windows or full windows, thatched roof




TYPE BOUGAINVILLE, 53 m2 + 13.5 m2 veranda

Two stories 

Living 53 m2, bedroom (2nd floor) 26 m2

Possible ground floor plan with open kitchen and breakfast bar
Extended version

Living 79 m2, veranda, 33 m2

Bedroom 62 m2

2nd floor (bedroom)



  Also available with sundeck


Living, 2 bedrooms, open kitchen, 3 bathrooms, media wall



Owner: Fam. Muller, Fiji Fam. Lawson, Fiji
Zina residence, Hawaii VMR International PTY, LTD, Australia. Resort bungalows

Owner: Mr. Bernard Mc. Williams, Turkey Owner: Mr. John Sallis, Durban, South Africa
Bali style villa for Dr. Robert Tilton, US Virgin Islands. Ground floor and 2nd floor 220 m2. Total 440 m2 (4,900 sqft)


Did you know  that there are only 3 wood species available in Indonesia which are not susceptible to termite attacks? Click here to find out more. 


Mail to for a quotation or ask for the technical specification sheet of the cottage of your choice.


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